Third Party Reporting Centres

In some cases victims or witnesses of a hate crime or incident do not feel comfortable reporting the matter directly to the police and may be happier reporting it to someone they are familiar with.

To ensure all victims or witnesses are able to report hate crimes, Police forces work in partnership with a wide support network who preform the role of Third Party Reporting Centres. Staff within Third Party Reporting Centres have been trained to assist a victim or witness in submitting a report to the police and can follow through with the report on the victim or witnesses behalf.

We have mapped 486 Third Party Reporting Centres nationwide - and more are being added daily.

If you know of a Third Party Reporting Centre thats not on the list below please let us know – and we will confirm and add as soon as possilble.

      Find out the benefits of using a Third Party Reporting Centre
      • Reporting centres are a way to overcome the communication boundaries that sometimes exist between the police and local communities
      • It enables victims of hate crime to report their incident in an environment of their choosing where they feel confident and comfortable
      • Victims are able to report anonymously which will still enable the police to gather information on the levels of hate crime and hot spots to information share but protects those victims who are not confident revealing their identity
      • Centres ensure a victim led approach
      • They ensure victims who may not have previously reported incidents get the relevant help and support they require
      • Reporting Centres provide a clearer picture on what is happening and where. This allows police resources, communities and agencies to work together to disperse hot spots.